Maradona is Dead!

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The other Diego Maradona inheritance: goods, contracts and luxurious gifts

In addition to the sports credit of being considered as “The best soccer player in the world”, Diego Armando Maradona signed millionaire contracts, He received luxurious gifts Y acquired goods that, after his death, will be distributed among his relatives.

Also, the Justice will be in charge of determining ownership of them as well as what they configure the list of “assets”.

Diego Maradona has five children Dalma, Giannina, Diego Jr., Dieguito Fernando and Jana.

According to the TN portal, Maradona has among his assets in the country the historic department of Segurola and Havana, in addition to another unit in that building Y a property in the neighborhood Madero Port.

Among the properties, it remains to establish the ownership of the house where Rocío Oliva reside, Diego’s ex-partner, and his family in Bella Vista (Buenos Aires), which was acquired by the former player but transferred to the young woman.

In Argentina, Maradona has four declared cars and two in Dubai. Infobae says that one of them is a Rolls Royce Ghost (300,000 euros) and a BMW i8 (145,000 euros).

To the list of acquired goods are also added the gifts that the former coach of the national team received like Uand Overcomer Hunta, with a fiberglass chassis and a 100-liter fuel tank that Diego accepted in Belarus, where he had a fleeting experience as honorary president of Dynamo Brest.

“In this exotic destination they gave him a ring of brilliant valued at 300,000 euros”, Infobae details.

The medium realizes that Maradona’s income multiplied when the lawyer Matías Morla became his attorney. At that time he signed contracts with Konami (for the PES), with a sportswear brand. Also commitments come. Italy, where the link with

Justice will not have an easy task when it comes to calculating exactly the fortune that Diego amassed and left.

Joe Biden,the 46th United States president

Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

Joe Biden who has gone through a lot of pain after loosing his wife and two children has won the 2020 presidential election.

He’s currently the president elect of the United States of America, the 46th President.

Joe Robinette Biden was born in the year 1942 and he is currently 77 years old.×250&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=tMEiYiSf6w&p=https%3A//

Joe Biden got married to his first wife and the love of his life, Neila Hunter.

However, a bitter incident took away the love of his life and his little daughter, Naomi.

Joe Biden had three children with Neila Hunter and their official names are Beau, Hunter and Naomi Biden.

How Joe Biden’s First Wife and Two Children Died

Joe Biden’s first wife Neila Hunter, was involved in a car crash which took her life and that of their daughter, Naomi Biden who was just a toddler. This happened in 1972!

Much later in the year 2015, Joe Biden lost his son Beau Biden, to a deadly cancer called Glioblastoma. It was indeed a painter exit!

However, Joe Biden remarried in 1977 to a beautiful woman, Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden and they have been together since then. They have a lovely daughter together, Ashley Biden.

Joe Biden still Maintains Narrow lead as another Nigeria woman wins legislature sit in United State

ANigerian, Ms Esther Agbaje, has been elected into the Minnesota House of Representatives in Tuesday’s United States general elections.

closest rival, Alan Shilepsky, a nominee for the Republican Party, scored 4,126 votes, which represents 17.7% of the total votes cast.

She will represent District 59B in the 134-member House on the platform of the Democratic-Farmer-Labour Party, an affiliate of the Democratic Party.

Elections to the lower chamber of the state legislature are held every two years, and there are no term limits for the lawmakers.

Abaje was born in St. Paul, the state capital of Minnesota, to Nigerian immigrant parents.

Her father, Rev. John, an Episcopal priest, met her mother, Bunmi, a librarian, at the University of Minnesota where they were studying.

She graduated from George Washington University, Washington D.C., with a degree in Political Science.

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Earlier, another Nigerian, Oye Owolewa, who was a ‘shadow’ (non-voting) House of Representative member out of the District of Columbia, won his election.

The 31-year-old politician is the first Nigerian congressman in the country’s history.

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The first woman to win the race for World Trade Organisation

The current DirectorGeneral is Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala since 28 October 2020. Before the creation of the WTO, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade had a series of DirectorsGeneral. Peter Sutherland was the last DG of GATT and the first of the WTO.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s nominee for the position of the Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), has emerged winner of the competitive race.

The first African and the first female to hold the position.

Kudos! Highly proud of her as the world celebrate her!

Nigeria Youths Presidential election 2023

Please be informed:

The Nigerian youths have agreed together in love and oneness that in 2023 presidential election and in every other elections, whether state or local government. We will not vote for anyone who has been in politics from 2019 down to 1960.

And the candidate we are going to vote for, must not be above the age of 50.

APC, PDP Canceled.

A total fresh party, probably formed by the youths of the federal republic of Nigeria, but not sure about that yet. The youths are still deliberating on that.

If you see this post, kindly share around so other youths will be in carried along.

Signed: Nigerian Youths

The President threat or speech yesterday broke us but thought us many hard lessons.

Myself and so many others couldn’t sleep last night… We were broken!!!!!!

We protested for 12 days without vandalisation
12 days of rejecting bribe,
12 days of caring and looking out for each other.
12 days of giving free medical care and legal services,

Brands, both national and international Celebrities, Churches all protested… influencial people were lobbied to add their voice…

At the protest grounds, the Christians gave room for the Muslims to have their Jumat prayers

The Christians had their service on Sunday…

There was a candlelight service held all over the nation for fallen heroes,
Youths despite the hard economy spent their personal money cooking for each other.

No one knew who was a Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa, or Edo… We ate together and danced together.

For 12 days, These were organised without a formal leader with just social media tweets, retweets, post, shares with a harshtag.

For 12 days we built the Nigeria of our dreams…

And built their nightmare… And they got scared.

They know if we’re united we would have one voice,
If we have one voice, we have power.
And if we have that power… WE WOULD DEMAND A BETTER NIGERIA.

If we’re united and not fighting how would they budget money for security to calm insurgency?
How will they create religious fights and make money?

So they sponsored hoodlums to disrupt the protest… But we overpowered these hoodlums by getting our own private securities and security dogs to protest grounds.

When the military who were ordered by “Powers beyond their control” to shoot,

When the guns were fired,

They didn’t care who was a Muslim or Christian,
They didn’t care who was Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Calabar or Urhobo.

They killed unarmed people sitting down and singing the anthem.

But when they want to instigate tribal wars and religious unrest, they remind you of your tribe and religion,

When they want to make use of you for their selfish gain, they tell you to unite and take side with “your people” they remind you that you should be one.

Do you all remembered how President Buhari contested for presidency up to 5 times?

He cried on National TV when the chibok girls were kidnapped,

He promised us heaven and earth.

He campaigned rigorously,

He protested against the then government.

He was voted in thinking he would bring change he promised… What did we get in return?

We were handled with “iron fist”



They do not care about the state of our hospitals because they get medical attention abroad,
They do not care about our educational system because their kids schools abroad,
They do not care about electricity because they live in choices area with constant electricity,
They travel with securities so have no idea how our roads are.

They only need us to win elections… And after then they can send the military to silent us if we remind them of their promises or demand for our rights.

We didn’t loose this fight. That speech on Thursday (22nd of, October,2020) was a speech of threat and you only threaten those you are scared of to keep them in line! 😂

They are scared of us
They saw how we mobilised ourselves without a leader,
They saw how we over powered thugs with our numbers,
They saw how organised and cooperated we were…. It gave then the chills mehn 😂😂😂


Our parents failed because they do not have enough evidence against the leaders, but we the pressing phone generation have enough evidence to remind them of how evil, wicked and clueless they are.

Our parents failed because they had less information.

But we have a lot of information at our finger tips.

We didn’t loose this fight…

We’re now Aware,
and Alert.

We know what we’re up against and we’re ready.

I am ready!

  1. Get devices that can record conversation and take photos. Imagine if DJ Switch didn’t go live on instagram…
  2. Any friend you meet add them to your social media handle, when you’re in the midst of people mostly youths, engage them in meaningful conversation… Do not engage in tribal sentiments… Most youths are not informed… If they have the information some of us have they would not have hijacked the protest, they would not be used as thugs.
  3. Get your Voters card… Get your PVC If you have any political ambition start grooming yourself, we do not want to elect those with the mindset of the present leaders we have.
  4. Do not give up. DO. NOT. GIVE. UP
  5. Please I beg you in the name of Allah, Jesus, Sango, Orisala, Amadioha and everything worshipable under the sun… Do not let them sell tribal or religious sentiments to you.

A Yoruba man, Igbo man and Hausa man is your brother,

An Igbo woman, Hausa woman and Yoruba woman is your sister.

Remember the good times we shared at various protest grounds irrespective of tribes and religion and let Nigeria come first in your heart!

We’re young,
We are strong,
We are smart,
We are 20 steps ahead of them.

We’re their nemesis
The wrong generation to mess with.

We just need to re-strategize.

Come 2023
No recycling of Past or Present leaders.

Together shall save Nigeria and make it great again.

Share this to everyone in your contact mostly youths this not like those articles that tell you to share and you will have the blessing of ALLAH,LORD or Miracle of God, share this only if you want something better to come your way in future.

This is meant for our Youths, our Heroes, our Greater Tomorrow.

Zambia independent remembrance Day

On 24 October 1964, Zambia became independent of the United Kingdom and prime minister Kenneth Kaunda became the inaugural president. … From 1972 to 1991 Zambia was a one-party state with the UNIP as the sole legal political party under the motto “One Zambia, One Nation”.

Botswana and South Africa, Zambia is undeniably one of the continent’s best safari destinations. Kafue National Park is of particular interest to wildlife enthusiasts, home as it is to an abundance of impressive creatures, from leopards and lions to elephants and pangolins.

Country. The country now known as Zambia was known as Northern Rhodesia from 1911. It was renamed Zambia at independence in 1964. The new name was derived from the Zambezi river.

Zambia is one of the safer countries in Africa, however, you should use your common sense when it comes to staying safe. Bag snatching and theft from parked cars have been reported at restaurants and internet cafes in downtown areas of Lusaka and Livingstone, particularly near transport hubs and in some shopping areas.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence.

For the latest travel warnings and alerts around the world, read about lockdowns and border restrictions.

It was reported he ordered the soldiers to kill the youths

was reported earlier yesterday that Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwoolu imposed a 24 hours curfew on state residents after thugs set Orile Iganmu police station ablaze.

The curfew which was to begin at 4pm was enforced shortly after some technicians were sighted at the toll gate uninstalling security cameras. Report has emerged that Brigadier Francis O. Omata allegedly ordered the shooting of protesters at Lekki Toll gate on Tuesday 20/10/2020. And this act leads to a lost of many lives of Nigeria Youths who have gathered in peace love and unity with painful hearts who cleave to make Nigeria a better nation and for the betterment of our children…

Nigerian security forces opened fire Tuesday night at a demonstration in Lagos against police brutality, hitting several people according to witnesses, in a major escalation of the unrest that has gripped the country for two weeks.

Let’s have a look at some of the pictures that allegedly ordered the shooting of protesters at Lekki Toll gate;

The extent of the casualties was unclear, but some witnesses reported seeing people who were killed.

Check out pictures of the soldier that allegedly ordered the shooting of protester at lekki tollgate – Opera News Official

Army with right mindedness to support #EndSARS but soldiers were ordered

Operation Crocodile Smile’ – The Nigerian Army has taken to the street in Abuja, pursuing protesters on the EndSars movement – see details below. 

The EndSars protests which has inevitably caused a huge unrest in the Nigerian society is still very much on the increase.

Recently, the northern state of Kano has joined in the protest for peace and equity and also for the “call off” of the continuous brutality of the Sars officials towards young Nigerians. The northern youths were seen in their hundreds as they join the southern counterpart in protest to the EndSars. 

The Nigerian army had initially announced and made known their intention of commencing their regular exercise called the “operation crocodile smile” in all the nook and cranny of the country. 

You quite remember the operation crocodile smile ordeal that transpired between the Nigerian army and the Biafran group and IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu back then in Abia State when there were making a move for a republican state? A reenactment of this is beginning to erupt in Abuja EndSars protest. 

About a day ago in Abuja, soldiers were seen on the street with their heavy trucks and tanks which have already be rolled out into the city to curb any form of unrest or menace. 

The army yesterday, had responded to calls to use the barest minimum force in the protest. Speaking through the army spokesman or representative, it was made clear that the exercise was not mearnt to fight protesters, the statement also clarified the reasons for the exercise which was to protect the protesters and prevent the protest from hijackers.  

Despite the information from the army, some soldiers were spotted harassing protesters as they chased and pursued them across the streets of Abuja. 

Below are reactions this singular act of the soldiers in Abuja prompted;