Maradona is Dead!

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The other Diego Maradona inheritance: goods, contracts and luxurious gifts

In addition to the sports credit of being considered as “The best soccer player in the world”, Diego Armando Maradona signed millionaire contracts, He received luxurious gifts Y acquired goods that, after his death, will be distributed among his relatives.

Also, the Justice will be in charge of determining ownership of them as well as what they configure the list of “assets”.

Diego Maradona has five children Dalma, Giannina, Diego Jr., Dieguito Fernando and Jana.

According to the TN portal, Maradona has among his assets in the country the historic department of Segurola and Havana, in addition to another unit in that building Y a property in the neighborhood Madero Port.

Among the properties, it remains to establish the ownership of the house where Rocío Oliva reside, Diego’s ex-partner, and his family in Bella Vista (Buenos Aires), which was acquired by the former player but transferred to the young woman.

In Argentina, Maradona has four declared cars and two in Dubai. Infobae says that one of them is a Rolls Royce Ghost (300,000 euros) and a BMW i8 (145,000 euros).

To the list of acquired goods are also added the gifts that the former coach of the national team received like Uand Overcomer Hunta, with a fiberglass chassis and a 100-liter fuel tank that Diego accepted in Belarus, where he had a fleeting experience as honorary president of Dynamo Brest.

“In this exotic destination they gave him a ring of brilliant valued at 300,000 euros”, Infobae details.

The medium realizes that Maradona’s income multiplied when the lawyer Matías Morla became his attorney. At that time he signed contracts with Konami (for the PES), with a sportswear brand. Also commitments come. Italy, where the link with

Justice will not have an easy task when it comes to calculating exactly the fortune that Diego amassed and left.

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