Nigeria Youths protest,ends SARS now!

It has gotten to the Nigeria government on how the citizens have been suffering for decades in the hands of the police officers who were meant to have been solutions for Nigeria but incredible acts like KILLING RAPING LIEING ROBBERY AND CORRUPTION has been found in them maltreating innocent people in the name of power and authority.

A young man made mention of how he was robbed by the so called SARS going to school and visited his friends, suddenly they arrived and packed them all. On the way to station after a lot of crying and explanation stopped and packed them on a bridge ready to waste their lives if they will not pay for freedom. He painfully expressed that his school handout money and upkeep #15.000.00 was collected not a fine was left despite his pleading and a lady who was having no money was raped by all almost dead but she made it and so on.

Leaders who was supposed to be leading from corruption are found using POS to rob and several ways they waste lives. They are to arrest criminals but theirs is more than criminal.

Who are to follow rules and regulations? A nation with law enforcement and order? Now who will execute judgement on this situation?

African leaders, this message is meant to look into with love truth and sincerity!

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