The world await your voice, make a stand

To be Confident is a Choice but not an Option!

Life doesn’t work easily with the prudent who dreams big, you have a bigger challenge ahead to face! Never turn your back at any challenge that comes your way! Leave mockers to do their duties, they’re part of your achievements. You can’t afford to avoid them! Every hero or heroin is got a story to tell!

A confident person is not affected by circumstances but think of solutions!

Fear is never in the thinking of a confident person. Even when what should make such occur, he or she stands still!

To be confident means to be courageous in what you are sure of and believe that this is what you are called to be! Knowing the purpose of God for your life and hold it tight without listening to the noise that surrounds you nor the fear that comes in your way whether caused by your carelessness or devilish acts.

I challenge you to get up your feet and seperate
yourself from every self-pity! It doesn’t work out fine but weighs you down!

Take responsibility for your challenges believing strongly that ‘God loves me!’

No matter what you feel horrible about, you can still become what God wants you to be!

Only if you can step out of your boat!

Surround yourself with positive people! Only those who sees and acknowledge the glory of God Almighty in your life can help you to keep moving!

People who always look after your errors or circumstances are not good walking with! Distance yourself from them and get out of your little boat!

It doesn’t matter what anyone says or sees about you but what matters is how you see yourself!

Be a confident hero or heroin today!

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