Covid 19 pandemic is at ease now, what is your next move?

The world had been shot down for several days back. 21st of March 2020 announced the outbreak of Corona Virus and seems to be a week break but became a misery after all. Lives were gone, the rich became poor, the poor became miserable while the middle man became beggars. Life was like a dream to all. This occurrence damaged a lot of businesses, companies, investments, loans and more.

This pandemic shutdown lasted for five months and more. All activities were shutdown, education, religions, examinations were closed. If one had been told of what had happened, probably preparation could have been made though might not be enough due to timing but guess what? Life goes on still!

In this period, what changes have you made?

What differences have occurred to you?

What kind of life have you lived?

What have you come up with?

What decision have you taken?

What project do you have stated to pursue?

What have you done so far with your time?

What changes has come to your life in the period of five months of Corona virus?

How have you impacted lives?

Were you able to bless someone at all?

What is the first goal to work on as the world has opened again?

Flight are back either on the 29th of August 2020, many travellers will be coming and going to each of their respective countries. Families that have been affected in distance will be returning home, business development will begin to operate properly, religions had been restored on the 16th already.

A new life begins!

African youths, have you been able to understand how important it is to have a hand in making a great positive change in the world?

Farmers are not limited to the grownups! Youths, let’s build a better tomorrow! Beautiful Africans, rise up!

Things fall apart, but the diligence strive to make a difference while the prudent make a move!

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