Rosamedia Cairo Egypt finally getting married today

Rossagin is a man of honour that almost every Nigerians go for. A gentle man who embraces everybody pleasantly. His tight schedule annoys professionals due to his capacity in graphics which attracts a lot. His jobs is in most cases, incomparable with several others.

He is a very hardworking young man combined professions to make a living. A talking drummer, graphics designer, studio editior, music incorporates, and others. He’s known for his job and making it. Finally had decided to settle down of which the whole ceremony is taking place today from 10:00 am till 1:00am the next day; both wedding and reception. For more information, call tel: 01065110857

Let us try to join them and celebrate this about to new couple!

U23 Olympic Nigeria Eagles back home after much effort

Nigeria Eagles have reached a stop in this Olympic game from the last match they had with South Africa 0:0 . It was a tough game from both sides to have played a win /win game. The match was so much challenging that none could score a goal. Nigeria’s keeper put in a lot of effort. He was very determined after a lot of training before the day which helped him to get all the score that could have occurred.

Authentic Nigerian Football Supporters Club were so proud of him. Though, they felt a little bit disappointed in the players “they couldn’t make a score” but accepted the fact that football is a win or loss game. They actually moved the stadium throughout the tournament encouraging the players from the beginning of the match till Nigeria got her fate. The stadium was so lively by the team hard work.

“I was there at the Stadium and was really impressed with performance of the ANSFC. The cheering continued till last whistle. It was indeed courageous of you all and I applaud the organizers and the members, you all did exceedingly great.

We lost the ticket but you never lost your values. Continue the good work.

On behalf on Nadab Arik for Royal Investment and Trading Co. Egypt, we say a very big thank you for your immense patriotic support to our great nation.

Warm Regards
Signed by Management
Nadab Group of Companies

The Chief Executive officer wrote.

Olympics Eagles U23 Nigerians got their luck

Authentic Nigerian Football Supporters Club were so excited entering the stadium with a goal. The match was a minute over when they got the third goal. The team’s expression and jubilation filled the stadium. Different looks, culture dancing painting and more. This team got the best on this day.

Kudos! Authentic Nigerian Football Supporters Club

Egypt chapter chairman : Omoniyi Olanrewaju

President worldwide : Ogunjimi Abayomi AKA Bonfre