Sometimes you Somewhat Somehow Sit Right and Learn about Nature

 I seldomly give it a deep taught what perspire between the nature and emotion if they’ve gotten any aspiration in democracy?

It seemly propagate the enviromental phenomena in the society nowadays. I observe that nature has got a lot to do with life and mechanism as far as emotion comprehends with nature

To sit right and learn about nature is simply by been able to tighten your sit and take a deep breathe as slowly as possible, travel in dimensional into the realm of metaphisical mindset

You will perhaps discover the secrets in connection with nature and emotion. I wonder what and why these facts became uneasy tasks to life and its ramification in the world of youths today!

Come what may, prejudice has dominate the world of democracy and persistence is nowhere to project! I stand to be corrected!

Even the planet turns up and down, nature and emotion do not varies, it stands still. But if i may ask, how does it function?

Within us is life and mechanism; around us is season and time; about us is phenomena.

My question is: what makes it difficult for us to anchor nature and emotion in our life of mechanism?

My point of view is the inability to study the kind of KEY world i operate with! I mean, the kind of kindness enterprenionship yawn world i live.

Many attimes, we only depend on the outer part of nature but we neglect the inner segment of nature dealing with emotions

I discover emotion to be the right hand of nature in life and mechanism. It functions in a cunning way but explicit dimension

Emotion has become a tragedy that we eventually abstain from during conversation. This is obvious to think about;

hiding the truth of life behind us and acting the neglected weapon ignorantly

We prove to be educate while leaving behind the truth about life from education; ‘how can this work?’ Pray tell, the youths are suffering! And we are suffering ourselves because we refuse to unite to stand to be corrected.

A lot of happening serenities in the world now! But what does many youths depends on?

SEX. Sensual Entertainment X-ray. This is what i describe it

Yes, i agree that this is an emotion: but which we need to deal with! We need to learn it! We need to educate it! We need to establish it legally as an important subject in our schools nationwide starting from primary level

It baffles me deep down, seeing how we handle this topic and of which kiss gained more ground

However, sex and kiss have powerful definations that we need to know their uses function factors advantages and disadvantages repercussions and lots more.

I was somewhere some weeks ago, being a charming lady, during public conversation i said: ‘ well, urging or pekking is not a crime, i can do that. Then i urged him but he said i need to kiss him as well. I snorled: kissing! That far! Interesting’ and walked away nonchallantly. No one get to understand my response.

KISS is what i defined as key inside sexual sensation. When two genuine lovers are together alone, what connect them deep down is kissing and not sex! Kissing comes, before sex and this only occur between two true lovers.

Sex has become a common act today which derives no value in our society nowadays. Anyone can decide to sex at any time he or she wants but to discuss about it is a tragi- comedy. Why?

It’s high time we look into these details and make a change!

We can make this change together! How?

Let us all stand to be corrected. Spread the news!

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