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[Vanguard] Katsina -Incumbent President and the All Progressive Congress, APC, candidate, President Muhammadu Buhari has won his polling unit, Kofar Baru polling unit 003, Sarkin Yara ward, with 244 votes.

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Elections: Shettima expresses satisfaction with voters turnout — Premium Times Nigeria

The governor is running for senate to represent Borno Central Senatorial District. The post Elections: Shettima expresses satisfaction with voters turnout appeared first on Premium Times Nigeria.

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Zambia Aims And Objectives With Egypt


Aims and Process
Zambia needs to upgrade the fish farm.
Building modeling slotting house in an appropriate way in Zambia.

To join a training work shop on the first week in April 2019
Dr Muhammad Sank with Dr Ahmed Saad have to travel to Zambia to handle the project.
Dr Ahmed Sani will go to Chanyanyan.

Two delegates: one for Chanyanyan and the other for capacity building.

To conclude the visit and agree on the way forward.

Civilization is very unique in Egypt. Patriotism expands her more.
Collaboration and partnership is the major and huge
She wants to adapt the way of fishery in Egypt to be applied in Zambia for the nation’s development.
The second team in Zambia will be coming soon to see in their views also.

Egypt agreed to the request. But didn’t like the point of adapting their technology cos what may be good here may not there. But will all possibility to meet up with the needs of Zambia.

Maize and the soil. 40% of Zambia of the water.
The president of Zambia is interested in developing the area of the water. High quality of water in Zambia will be developed for fishery.
Zambia is not short of land. With the experts seen in Egypt, Zambia can do more far beyond what they got presently. Appease Egypt to come over, ”we are your brothers, your people, we are one’

Investors to be penetrated to go to Zambia to advance technology. The welfare of Zambia and Egypt is important to us said Minister Ezzaldin Abustiet.

17acraft is the size of the farm in Zambia can expand

Training the men and women on uniform. Seeing is believing about farmers on like lecturing the whole day. They get impressive through the impression they can see.
Zambia men wants to learn. The whole of Zambia is dependent on Botswana.
Zambia produces a lot of ready made which is not in Egypt. To go deeply into the business. Said by Minister Of fishery and livestock in Zambia Hon. Kampamba Mulenga.

Egypt will arrange delegation for Zambia. And talk to university centres to help the development of Zambia and will see all necessary things they can take with them to Zambia. Said minister… Egypt.
Egypt will be organising training section for African brother countries.
Need the training to start immediately.
Prepare the training for the Zambia participants.
Vaccination will be prepared by Dr Muhammad said and Dr Ahmed San to arrange that. They will be visiting Zambia for proper delegations.

Zambia are more than ready for the facilitation of their people.

Egypt minister said Zambia should arrange the communication to reach the people to know who will be interested to go to Zambia…

In March, Egypt can arrange for about 25 participants to Zambia to be for 5days at least for the occasion taking place in Zambia on the 25th of March. To use the avenue to show case the program and others. Said by The Ambassador of Zambia in Egypt.

Egypt delegations will go in March to arrange.

Zambia Egypt collaboration process

Zambia minister for fishery and livestock Hon. Kampamba Mulenga admires Egypt as a nation with deep qualifications and technology.
Zambia president,Edgar Chagwa Lungu is so interested in helping world fish farm with adequate technology used in practicing aquaculture to reach its peak. Zambia’s minister for fishery and livestock, Hon. Kampamba Mulenga visited Egypt and she tour round the country visiting various departments in charge of aquaculture.

Central center for laboratory and aqua-cultural research were visited by the minister and it is a place where we examine the history of different kinds of fish . A place where we learn the fact that says “the secret of fishery is in our hands” when we delegated ourselves and added efforts to learn the analysis and pay much attention to the teaching, we learnt how to tackle anger from fishes and to increase productivity. ‘What you hear or see might not be much effective unlike what you experience’

To be well connected in the world of fish, proper management is what we need. How to expand the species, how to make the fish to be more productive. All hands must be on desk to make this a reality and this is why Zambia wants to be the first west African country to achieve this and as well spread aquaculture to other parts of Africa and the whole world.IMG_20190207_162136_2.jpg

Zambia nationals are here in Egypt learning techniques in connection to aquaculture and also to enlarge their border. Building relationship between the two nations is one major task to work on by these nationals.

Suez canal fish farm in Egypt have everything quality wise says the chairman of fishery and livestock in Egypt.
Egypt minister of fishery and livestock has promised that there will be an immense cooperation with Zambia to make the whole visit a great one and to make Zambia’s goal a realistic one.

South Sudan’s War on Women 2/20/2019 — REDZONE NEWS

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What to look for before writing a story about an academic study — Columbia Journalism Review

Facebook is 15 years old. And there are certain things, if we believe the reams of headlines we see based on social science studies, that we now think we know about its effect on human behavior. It can cause people to commit hate crimes, one set of headlines suggests. Older Americans spread more fake news,…

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Thousands of industries outside of the African continent rely on natural resources from Africa. From cashew, cocoa, gold, diamonds to timber, almost all African countries depend on their exports as a number one source of revenue. While some of the exported products might come as no surprise as they are only found in Africa, other…

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