In The Middle Of The Tough Times…


I couldn’t set my eyes off the little girl! I initially imagined that she’s gotten a new offer. I stared out to the sky like gazing upon the heavens. It took me so long to get back to my memory. I walked down voluntarily like I’m walking away into the crowd but my unresolved look and irresistible move took me down the highway to the place where Jenny lay in disguise begging for money.

Drunkards were sitting at a corner of the bridge. Beggars sitting by the way side. Jenny lied in disguise to get money from people. I wonder why she has chosen to go that way? I doubted if she do realized what she’s doing? It looks weird how she got the idea? I asked myself a question! Who taught her?

I sat beside her. Jenny! What are you doing? She was shivered looking pale and rushed to my lap to cover her horrible look and shame. Before I could realize myself crying, my clothes was wet with tears. I screamed, Jenny! What is wrong with you? I lifted her and went off the crowd into a small restaurant meters away.

Jenny is a little girl of fourteen years old. She’s been trying to make herself comfortable since her tender age making up life for herself. Her parent are separated from each other. She lives with her aunt who cares about herself and children alone. She has been leaving a slavery life and fighting her education since she was twelve years when life became so tough for her in her aunt’s house. The last time she spoke to her parents last was in her adolescent stage at six years. She has been with her aunt since she was five years.

Jenny is such fragile little girl who aim to the top. Her manners are beyond her reach. She’s got a strange taught within her. She never believe in the world of POVERTY. She ‘d turn the sky into water in her imagination. (The girl is got a goal) I scanned the two eggs in her eyes.

Jenny, tell me. What is wrong with you?

She bursted with pain, “I need to pay for my exam fees!” I can’t consider myself dropping from school! I can’t wait to see my mate ahead of me! I need to get some money to buy something to Huck so that I can get money to help myself.

Tears gushing my cheeks and exhausted to stop it. Jenny, you are going to make it. Trust God, and count on me, you will make it as long as you don’t give up!

Charity narrated her experiences with the students using Jenny as an example of greatness.

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TOUGH TIMES, you don’t have to give up on success, you have to be a hero! Heroes or heroin do not fear difficulties. Their ego only believe in greatness.

Looking into the sky, you are not limited to success. Elite athletes learn to stay energetic. Forward movement has power. Just persist when times get hard and you face adversity. Persistence and patience are the two extraordinary leadership virtues to get you through challenging and change-rich times. It’s amazing how far you can get when you decide that you simply will not give up—- that failure isn’t an option.

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