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Active statements are regarded as the original statement made by a person.Active statement gives more importance to the doer (subject) of the action than the object in the sentence.And they are usually formed with: subject + verb + object

Examples are: The President commissioned the Empire State Building.

Johnny Depp acted in the movie ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’.


The passive statements are often time regarded as a reported statement.They are used when we don’t know the doer of the action,there is no doer of the action or when the fact is more important than the doer of the action with ‘by’ coming before the subject  in the sentence.The are Usually formed with: Object + was/were + past participle + by + subject.

Examples are: The Empire State Building was commissioned by the President.

The movie ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’…

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Hello There and welcome to ……Grammar Corner. Today,our discussion will be on one of the tenses in English Language. The SIMPLE PAST VERBS!!!

The Simple Past Verbs talks about events or actions that took place in the past and ended in the past without a continuation into the present nor interrupted by another event or action. Often times,we confuse the simple past tense with the present perfect continuous tense. There are two types of the simple past tense:

The Positive Tense e.g I sang in the church yesterday. Here,the formation is; subject + simple past form of verb + (rest of the conversation).

The Negative Tense e.g I didn’t sing in the church yesterday. The formation here is; subject + didn’t + base form of verb (also known as verb infinitive) + rest of the conversation.

For verbs ending in consonant + y,we have to change y to I and add ed.Example, carry-carried  while verbs that ends with vowel + a consonant,we need to double the last consonant and add ed. Example,Tag-Tagged,Beg-Begged.

See you some other time to discuss more on the use of English Grammar………It’s GRAMMAR CONNER!!!!