Points of view about Youths in Africa


African youths live in DARKNESS of our great parents; despite the modern life that we are in now. many African youths are carried away by local mentality. They live in the old fashion model and which is now a phenomena way of living among Africans.

I took time to fetch out the facts about these until I arrived at the metaphysical ideas at a high level and seems difficult to understand why our youths choose to live this way. Many among our youths have not make use of the modern life we are today but only understood and make use of some parts that are not of benefit to the health.

Health Care matters in our daily activity. If you do not know this, i will like you to know. Health Care sustain your life to keep in existence over a long period. It matters to our growth in life.

What i mean by health care is :

  1. Practicing Yoga. This is not a common act among our youths today. Many neglect the fact that yoga is a healthy and beautiful thing to be observed always. Most especially ladies. Some ladies exclaim that: ” I don’t have time!” ” I am not a child!” ” I am married!” I cannot kill myself” and so fault.
  2. Sports. We have several kinds of ways to do sport. Swimming is one of which many youth are not fun with. Swimming is beautiful to learn and make it a priority among our youths and young ones to be able to swim. Choreography is one which many specialize for children, school thing. It is very important to worm up your joints and be able to participate in interesting things. Not looking at it in a reflective manner. And condemnation. It helps you in many ways.
  3. Watch the way you eat. You take a meal without balance diet. When you wake up in the money, you should try to take a cup of water at least. Then you take fruits when you are set for the day before eating. After half an hour you have done these, you can have your meal. However, try to let your meal contain the whole balance diet. Also do the same at night. Let your fruits taking be a second to the last before sleeping, followed by at least a cup of water. Then relax for about half an hour before you sleep.


Yoya healthHealth

Many African Youths look so aged as a result of living in darkness. They look awful, dizzy, lazy. Living a life without yoga. Have you not learnt that this is a perfect contribution to your life growth?

It helps to be strong. It gives you nice shape. It helps in child bearing. It is healthy and you will gain a peaceful life.

African Youths, do not hesitate to look into all these. Take a step towards it all and help your relationships. Help your health. And live happily.

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