Why Algerian Author Zehira Houfani Quit Writing Detective Novels

ArabLit & ArabLit Quarterly

This interview was originally conducted by our Algeria Editor Nadia Ghanem in French and translated into English. In it, Ghanem and novelist Zehira Houfani discuss what led the author to and away from the detective genre:

By Nadia Ghanem

Zehira HoufaniZehira Houfani is an Algerian writer who started publishing in the 1980s. She published two detective novels, among which is Les pirates du desert (Pirates of the Desert1986), set in Tamanrasset, an oasis city in southern Algeria. Few women have written crime fiction in Algeria, in Arabic or in French. Zehira Houfani might have been the first to have published a detective novel in DZ.

Houfani now lives in Canada, and from there, she kindly answered a few questions about her experience as a writer in Algeria at the time, and about her detective novel Pirates of the Desert.

What brought you to crime fiction initially and what inspired you…

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