7Things That Broken Home Curses To The Child

Broken home is disastrous delicate and unbearable to the child or children. It disorganizes the destiny of the children. the worse part of it is when the family become a polygamous. It weakens the direction of the children. It destroys their dreams. It is a big mistake which is too late to claim.


Heartbroken Children Live a Life of:

  1. LONLINESS                                                                                                               It cannot work with love because it resists friendship. Since friendship was of great use and advantage to start loving. Some believe being lonely is to overcome enemy but it also contributed to things that can make one become enemy.                                                        A child cannot improve with lonliness; because failure to share with steers is a resistant to success. When a child is lonely, things will become boring and sadness will be replaced.                                                                                                                                                                                           This goes to parent. Don’t be too far. You have to be around to watch over your children. Show them that you still care. Make your children understand you. Do not exitate to study their right and wrong side. These will help you to nourish their broken hearted for you.

2.       UNAVOIDABLE EXPERIENCES                                                                                         Especially when the children live with a wicked type. It is extremely             misfortune to their inner mind. They lost control at most and seems             to be as one without a silver spoon. Violent is built in their mind                     gradually as they grow. It predestines their ways of life. Hatred is a               strong hold within them. It takes the grace of God for such children               to concentrate and move on.

3.         COMMUNICATION BARRIER                                                                                           It prevent free communication between parent to their children.                     And at the end, the love needed cannot be expressed anymore.                       Confident to their parent is no where to be found. To discharge what             they have in mind might be a problem or could turn upside down to               become rebellion as they grow. Which could delay them to proceed.

4.        LACK OF TRUST                                                                                                                   Simplicity could be an attitude for some children, while rigid could                 become of others. They persevere in different areas. Most time, they             live in agony.

5.         INSPIRATION                                                                                                                        Dream is a life monitor to some that have the grace. They are                          inspired mostly from their experiences. Many are hustler. They                      struggle helter sketter to achieve their goal. Some take strong                          decisions that only God could change. Some call a spade a spade                      while some call a spade a spider. Their inspiration is their fate.

6.          LIMITATION                                                                                                                         There are limited standard by which some can reach in life. Some                   are fortunate to be upgraded. Some are oriented mechanically.                         Some become terorist as a result of being neglected. They suffer                     loss and gain. It takes God grace for them to survive.

7.          DANGER                                                                                                                                 Many of these childre end up with bad reputation. Though, some                   are miraculously great. Revenge takes hold around them. Regret                     has room inside of them. They learn in hardship. Their habbits                       are either winning or win or lose. Resentment and Rebellion are                     parts of it all.

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