Professor Brando Okolo accepted to appear on Africa Talk with enthusiasm; in his matrimonial home in new Cairo city, Egypt. He was preparing with his family to return back to Germany. Being that he was being transfered from Germany to Cairo University. And he had succeeded in Egypt for 5years.

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Press: Hephzibah Akinwande

Mr Brando, tell us your experiences throughout the years you have used                     in Egypt.                                                                                                    Professor Brando Okolo:                                                                                               Life has not all that rosy in Egypt. 5years back was throghtout the year revolution in the land which interrupted alot but i was a ble to work with wonderful people and shared knowledge with students.

Press: How were you able to cope the language barrier during the time you arrrived? Mr Brando: The nature of my work and my post is to communicate in English. Though, my first child “Courtney” and my wife “Teresa” were able to get along with the language; Even,up till now i couldn’t speak Arabic language.                                 Sometimes, it’s frustrating but English language was been used in a public atmosphere where i was posted.


Press: I learnt that you have travelled to different placed during your educational time. What have you experienced so far in this period?                                                 Mr Brando: I really have had a unique experiences. Life had been so usual for me as anybody of my age. My service at Dawakin Tofa secondary school as a phisics teacher in Kano Nigeria, i felt that it was an opportunity to see culture of different barground. The village was so small and it was a challenge to live in such community but whatever it is, i was trying to educate people. There was no financial benefit to being there but i believe it was a blessing for me in different ways. life demand focus and i’ve been always busy with my studies throughtout.

Press: When you were at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, you were playing football. Are you also a footballer?                                                                               Professor Brando Okolo: No! I only played for leisure with some friends. We felt it is good to play football. We took it a kind of serious and we use this time being together to talk about other things more serious.



Mr Brando, you have served as contributing editor to African Heritage Magazine where you wrote a column ” Letter from Germany” Tell us about it.                                pics session (11)

In 2006, I branched into a Nigeria publicher of African Heritage. He invited me to his column which came out every two months. i took inspiration from an English man Alistair Cooke who died about 8years ago. he used to run a column for BBC world service called letter from America. I decided to come out with it. “Letter from Germany”

Press: What can you say concerning the life of our people living in Egypt. Is there anything like “quick success”                                                                                         Mr Brando: I will say: Honesty is the root of all success in life and Sincerity is the bridge to life harmony. Success comes from hardwork. Being honest comes from focusing. Understanding environment, believing in yourself, reaching out to other people, blessing of the people. And success is not easy.                                               We are in the asporal,not at home. It’s not easy to live outside your home. The pressure to survive is renounce and one is not steadfast.                                              My advice to our people here is to keep your path straight. Show honesty in all you do, no matter the situation might be. Work hard. It is very important and make yourself trustworthy, then you will be surprised that success will fall upon you.


Mr Brando, compare and contrast.” Life in Nigeria and in Germany” “Life in Germany and in Egypt”                                                                                                                 Of course it is different in several ways but there are similarities in the sense that if you are warm to people in Nigeria, you will be warm to people in Germany.            Perhaps, there are social difficulties in Nigeria that can make living in Nigeria so difficult but there are difficulties in Germany as well. But sometimes, everything burst out as an individual. The choices you make, decisions. There are things that will give way to qualities of life in you.                                                                                        Life in Germany falls into regulations. And in Egypt, their are also regulations. Eventhough, it feels difficult to obey. Besides, i will say people show themselves warmer than interraction in Germany.

Press: What will you like to say about our people wass of living in Egypt?                    Prof Brando: Circumstances have brought us down here. And painful circumstances can be uncomfortable to deal with. But whatever it is i say again; Be honest in all you do. Be your brothers and sisters keeper. Try to integrate. Try to support the work of your fellow here. The troubles we deal with at home, please don’t practice it here. If you do, it will be difficult to be successful in life.

Press: As the best man of the year 2010 in Germany; How did you reach this level out of hundred or more of best people.                                                                     Professor Brando: A lot have to do with the way you distinguish yourself; within the german society you have to be good at what you do before you occupy a position in carreer structure. often time, foreigners in Germany have to place themselves in carreer structure of intellectual power because German is a very challenging society in social and labour structure. And if you did survive there, you deserve to be rewarded.Scan-6

Hephzibah Akinwande: What was your impression having us today?                           Professor Brando Okolo: I am actually delighted to have the opportunity to hold this interview and i will say that you do have yourself focus on Journalism. Whatever it takes to refine those qualities, project yourself especially in African communities.

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Lastly Prof, give your opinion to the young crest for destiny watching us at home.   Well, the world is a long different today as the world went high grew up. There are lots of conveniences today. Opportunities. keep your eyes open. have confidence in your self. Study hard. Do not fight to be number one. above all, be honest, sincere trustworthy and you will be surprise by what success will do for you.

Thank you very much for your consent. { you are welcome!}




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