Respect Egypt Culture Summit

imagYour Voice to The nationsDSC00208

This was a first kind of its own organised by an African organisation called: ANPA{Accord Noble People Association}DSC00230

It’s aim was to establish a cordial relationship between the Egyptians and Foregners; most especially, Nigerians living in Egypt. For the sake of emphasis, circumstances facing the Nigerian living in Egypt as a result of some bad heads who had made it difficult for the intelligent and responsible ones to achieve their goals.

Nigerians living in Egypt are surrounded by several challenges. on like a Nigerian stole the boss property at work on domestic chores, and police arrested several Nigerians neutral; Yet, the offender was not seen nor able to get due to the fact that; chances were not given to the intelligent ones to make research and get hold of the criminal.

The people have been suffering from freedom of movement. Talented ones have lost their voices. homeless have lost hope and engaging themseleves in fraudulent acts. Many are wishing to be home but how hard it is to go home empty handed. the Nigerians are crying deep inside. They wish Nigeria could be better, they wish to be home. How would they survive?

Those who do not have means to get certificate are in extreme fear to go back home suddenly. Where would they start? Here in Egypt, they have given up all hope in their career and dreams for domestic chores. So far, it is the only way out for them.

The Accord Noble People Association are willing to get more chances in order to get rid or minimize corruption among foreigners living in Egypt. DSC00250

This association had fought to gain the heart of different nationalities in order to accomplish his goal. This party is generated by Nigerians.

Different dancing culture was displayed at the summit. As the meaning of the association is LOVE UNITY FREEDOM. DSC00221

Wait to get more and details on our upcoming magazine. Your informations, ideas, businesses, talents are highly welcome.

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