You will have to agree with me that COURAGE is not to be afraid on the long run but to keep moving into the distance no matter what it takes. To be afraid of failure is not good enough but to be afraid of remaining stagnant for a long period of time.

It is good that you face challenges while on the run but if you are a hero, you need to be courageous. I discovered that there are many hidden talents within nations in Africa and foreigners in nationwide. And this is one aspect why i am out to enhance encourage and promote you to your next race of time.

There is nothing like quick success but to begin with a gradual process with loyalty. Then you will reach the top some days.

Honesty is the root of all success in life and sincerity is the bridge to life harmony.


Signs of Change on the Streets of Baghdad

Besides Iraqis seek the world to support against Isis. Conflicts in the world is as a result of IDENTITY. Freedom comes successfully to the one who work and seek for peace.


Indeed, for a city that only last summer feared it would be overrun by jihadis, Baghdad feels uncannily lacking in trauma. Perhaps Iraqis have learned how to live with their fears, but ISIS feels more threatening in European capitals than it does in Baghdad. Too complacently, Iraqis talk about ISIS in the past tense, as if its defeat was a foregone conclusion. Young men drive through the streets, playing a pop song mocking ISIS’s “feminine” fighters at full volume on their car stereos. Cafés spill onto sidewalks, their tables filled with families late into the night. Hip eateries have opened around Baghdad University where dressed-up girls go to smoke water pipes. Closed by Saddam Hussein’s faith campaign in the early 1990s, the bars that tentatively reopened in 2010 are now jammed. Bartenders cheer the greater margin of freedom they have gained since Sunni and Shia militias turned their guns on…

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