Africa Talk Media Egypt

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Your voice to the nations.
Welcome to the official page of Africa Talk Magazine.
For latest in social, entertainment, education, businesses and  news updates.
Africa Talk Magazine is here to satisfy you with news updates and quantitative informations by Hephzibah Akinwande.

Our target is to motivate the YOUTHS in africa all over the world. We serve humanity. We tell stories about migrants in nationwide.

We are a multimedia service. We aim at reaching a high standard; telling our stories through tevevision, radio, and magazine.

Did you get a copy of our present edition? “Africa Talk Magazine is Out October/November” Please fans, if you are yet to get a copy of our magazine, kindly call us. Do not hesitate to have a copy of this edition and we hope to have you patronize us in our next edition which will come up in January/February.

For more info and online bookings contact +201128490952/ +20111908843. Or you can email us @:

Thanks for your love!!!

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